Monday, June 15, 2009

Clipper Improvements

We just launched a new improvement to the Clipper tool that helps you clip from even more of your favorite online stores! In the past you may have noticed that you weren't able to clip images from retailers like Barneys and Acne. But we've worked our magic, and now you can. Just another way Polyvore brings you closer to the brands you love. Happy clipping! :)


dide said...

thanks for the useful info and the improvement. what I'd like to kindly suggest you to take look at the generator tools in this blog some of them can be copied by Clipper, some of them cannot be directly copied.I am pretty sure if the Polyvore Team would like to have a dialog with them then we may use them directly by Clipper and adding new dimensions to our Polyvore. warm regards,Dide

Anonymous said...

could you allow things to be clipped from tinypic and myspace?