Monday, June 1, 2009

Guest Blog: Perfect T-Shirt for Your Body Type and Office

This guest post was written by Jennifer and Melissa of Workchic helps dress women for work by offering suggested outfits, fit guidelines, tips and tricks on how to look professional, feminine and chic. Check out the Workchic blog for tips and trends!

It’s amazing how polished a tee can look if it fits correctly and is accessorized well. During the hot summer months we are open to you wearing them to the office. Follow these simple rules to make sure your look is Workchic.

If you’re busty avoid tight crewnecks or low scooping necklines. We want something in the middle for optimal effect. In a fitted garment, like t-shirts, high necklines will accentuate your bust line and make it look bigger; obviously plunging necklines should just stay out of the office. If you do have a favorite T with a deeper neckline, you can try adding a cami underneath to prevent excess cleavage. We selected the perfect neckline for you in our outfit below. Add a blazer to keep your look professional.

If you have a smaller chest you can wear high crew or v-necks. Wear your tees with tailored trousers or a fun printed skirt and add accessories. Tucking the t-shirt into the skirt and adding a belt and bold necklace will add sophistication to your summer style.

Whether you are hiding a tummy or have curvy hips look for looser silhouettes. Trapeze tops and printed tees will go a long way to camouflaging these areas. To tame the volume and keep the look work appropriate, add a cardigan. It’s usually chilly in air conditioned offices anyway. We put a few layers into the outfit because of the deeply scooped neckline. The overall effect is soft and neutral while still playing on the coral tones of the season.

Rock your t-shirts this summer, just keep them sophisticated with the right pieces and accessories. This may also mean replacing the ones from last year. Tees tend to go through the washer and dryer becoming worn quickly. Part of looking polished depends on the quality of your clothes. So head to your favorite shop and stock up for the summer!


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