Friday, June 19, 2009

Moxsie on Polyvore

Here at Polyvore, we love to to show our support for up & coming indie designers. If you feel the same way, then you'll love hip online boutique Moxsie. Moxsie's mission is threefold -- support independent designers from all over the world, provide fantastic customer service (free shipping and returns!), and most importantly, give back. Moxsie donates a portion of our proceeds to the charity of the buyer’s choice!

Some of the designers you'll find on Moxsie include Bijules Jewelry, whose bar rings are a favorite of Rihanna and Nicole Richie, Dimepiece, which features in-your-face clothing with bold slogans like “Ain’t No Wifey”, and Miss KK, whose opulent feathered necklaces turn simple tanks and dresses into a night on the town.

We've also noticed that one of Moxsie's ultrachic jewelry designers, Potluck Paris, has been getting a lot of love on Polyvore lately. Here are some of Potluck Paris's popular designs:

Bronze & crystal bracelet by Potluck Paris $394

Tiziana Bracelet by Potluck Paris $130

Tulip Bracelet by Potluck Paris $120

And some ways to wear those pieces:

You can shop for more Moxsie products here, or check out more looks below:
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Julia said...

Thanks so much for the support Jess!! We <3 Polyvore!