Tuesday, June 23, 2009

RunwayDaily + Fashion Blogger Feedback

We at Polyvore love many things, but fashion bloggers and feedback definitely top our list! So when RunwayDaily came by our office to meet us, we were super excited. We got to hear some great feedback and brainstorm ways we can make Polyvore an even better tool for fashion bloggers. Check out the RunwayDaily blog for pictures and a great re-cap of her visit to the Polyvore office.

If you're also a fashion blogger, we want to hear your feature requests for Polyvore, too! So please leave a comment and let us know. Also, check out our recent blog post on tips and ways to blog with Polyvore.


❤✿PaintHead said...

When fashion bloggers blog about a certain trend they embed the code of the set to their blog.. or those that have a poly account just make a collection and embed that, but what if there was a drag and drop tool for sets?? Where u can make a slide show or grind and we pick the sets.

I know Poly already has the grinds we can add to our blogs, and we have the showcase, but what if u don't need an account to do this, so poly can be more open to fashion bloggers and it will be easier to add sets to a blog instead of copy and pasting codes.


Poly should throw a big PARTY, where u invite all the top fashion bloggers, fashion editors and fashion lovers and a few real poly members, where they can talk about poly first hand. about poly. Many MORE fashion insiders will know of you and
maybe start using poly in their blogs as well.

You can just give each other a big high five for doing a good job already! oxoxox

❤✿PaintHead said...

Okay this just popped in my head ..what if poly creates an application for bloggers only.

It can work like the editor, where a blogger can type in a trend or style they want and sets pop u according to their search..once the sets show up, they can drag the sets and make a little slide ,once they save it, it will automatically show up in their blog. This can also encourage set makers to TAG their sets.

Angel_Emz95 said...

I would just like it if you could add a set to a collection when you publish it, rather than having to go back and do it afterwards. I love the new features though... with the categories and the scrolly thing, it's great! Far more contemporary :) You do a great job guys!!! xoxo, Em

Angel_Emz95 said...

Oh and btw a link to my blog: http://www.littlemissfashionangel.blogspot.com/
I have lots about polyvore!!
Oh and I had another idea... you know how you have like a random group and a random person and whatever else on the Explore page? I think it would be good if you had a random contest too. I'm often out of inspiation and need a contest to give me an idea as to what to make a set for, and I'm constantly checking the Explore page for more contests!! Just something to think about. xoxo, Em

Key said...

when i copy/paste the sets to my blog they look so tiny...so if the sets would look bigger on post would be great! :D

ps: also a rotating tool or some tool to seek the same product in diferent colors... :)

greetings from Mexico :D