Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Charming Girl on Polyvore

Looking to add the finishing touch to your Polyvore outfit or even your real-life one? This Charming Girl may have exactly the piece you're looking for!

We couldn't help but notice some really cool sets featuring vintage and contemporary jewelry by designer Jacqueline Currie. This Charming Girl is based in Glascow, Scotland and features limited edition designs by Currie that give an alternative twist to jewelry you'll find in the big stores. So add a little character to your outfits, and if you see something you like you may want to act quick before it's gone! (PS - They ship internationally!)

Check out some of the designs that have already been discovered by Polyvorians:

Felicity (£9 = $15)

Hercules (£7= $17)

We found This Charming Girl's official Polyvore profile, so be sure to check them out there or at to see more of their products. For suggestions on how to accessorize with their jewelry, take a look at:

View 'This Charming Girl' on Polyvore


thestrawberryfields said...

Im a fan ive bought some peices such as the octopuss necklace for a friend and hercules and biba playing card necklace for myself.
I also recieved "love letter" necklace for my Christmas.
Fantastic quirky pieces with a vintage feel to it at great prices.

Rachel said...

I love This Charming Girl! And one of my most popular posts on my blog are about them! (Click on my name!)