Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trend Spotter: Crochet

mylovelycat spotted a Crochet trend on Polyvore. Crochet, which is a fabric created by yarn or thread through a special form of knitting, can be found on tops, blouses, dresses, handbags, and even earrings. Nice catch, mylovelycat!

Check out more of this trend in mylovelycat's trend spotter collection:

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WeLovePolyvore! said...

hi polyvore.

While i LOVE the new changes you've made (the brand finder and the price is so great!, and the contest wins feature is so convenient and helps us show off ;)), i'd just like to say something about the editor.

i was talking with a few of my friends on polyvore, and we both agree that making the items bigger on the editor is kind of a hassle.

we have tons and tons of items in our inventory of items. scrolling through them is bad enough, but now that the items are bigger, a set that usually would've taken me 30 minutes took me 3 hours.

We also prefer the pages. Jumping from page to page is an easier way to find an item we saved months ago rather than scrolling through our inventory on the editor and waiting for the items to load.

on the other hand, we LOVE the new changes to finding items, though. Like the brand and the price. they are genius, and truly needed touches to the editor.

thanks for taking the time to read this comment.


Kamila said...

I completely agree with mylovelycat. Pages are better :)