Thursday, July 16, 2009

Accessorize Your Favorite Celebrity Contest Winners

If you could style your favorite celebrity with the stylish, affordable and awe-inspiring jewelry of Fantasy Jewelry Box, how would you do it? 3176 entries in the Accessorize Your Favorite Celebrity contest answered that very question. 5 winners have been handpicked by the Fantasy Jewelry Box team to receive gift cards and we're excited to announce the winning sets. Congratulations to Memorykeeper, Bela Falsirolli, Star608, Angendil and Fleur Cullen!

1st: Jennifer Aniston

2nd: Lady Gaga

3rd: Katy Perry

4th: Keira Knightly

5th: Sarah Jessica Parker

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Damster Am said...

Hello hello, again. I wanted to contact you about the "Trendspotting", I would love to work with you & tell you about a trend I've spotted, but when I clicked on the link, everything went wrong. In the end, I couldn't contact you that way. I would really love working with you thought :)
contact me at my blog: (which in my profile has my email)