Monday, July 6, 2009

The Summer Six Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Lindsey Luscious, Donny Leny and Snowbell whose sets were selected as winners of the Summer Six Contest by guest judge, RunwayDaily. Here's RunwayDaily's announcement:

It was with great pleasure that I recently judged the Summer Six Contest for Polyvore. To say that Polyvore set-makers are sophisticated stylists is the biggest understatement, ever. These creative fashion magicians create ensembles that set the mood, tell a story or even channel a celeb. The passion they put into every set is amazing and their eye for style is innate. I chose six stellar summer trends and Polyvore asked it's members to best create a set that demonstrated how they'd wear the trend. With just over two thousand entries this was quite a large task. Would you believe me if I said I looked at every single one? Well...I did! And it was a hard, hard job to choose only three because there were so many fabulous entries.

So, without further top three favorite sets/winners are below. Why these three? I love how each look incorporated more than one trend from my Summer Six. Many of the stylists just chose one trend (which is fine) but I love how these amazing stylists below chose two or more in their sets. I'd like to breakdown for you what I love and adore about each set, too!

1st place winner:

Lindsey's set caught my attention right away. From the incredibly adorable zebra crop top to a pair of skin toned Steve Madden gladiator's I've been lusting over the last two seasons (but just haven't purchased yet.) I can honestly see myself donning every single piece in this set. I love the stacker rings and the Ray Ban Wayfarers. I adore my leather vest and never thought to pair it with some cutoffs. How about those statement chandelier earrings? Love them. Great job, Lindsey Luscious!

2nd place winner:

Donna Leny
's set grabbed my attention immediately. This was a very close second place finisher. Including four of the six summer trends, this lady KNOWS how to pair piece together. The four she styled are statement earrings, coral colored accessories, captivating cut outs and skin tone sandals. Adding in a picture of her fave actress (I'm also a big Keira fan) and some sweet Paisley notecards...I knew this lady had ladylike style right away. You have to dig deep into all the items in this set...because some are hidden, but that's just what I love. Congrats winner number two, Donny Leny.

3rd place winner:

Snowbell's set, aptly named Break the Walls, is rocker chic with tough girl charm. This die-hard Polyvore devotee already has some serious medals and Polyvore reader accolades under her is style and my eyes were continually drawn back to this gorgeous muted hue ensemble. Including both a maxi skirt, a cropped jacket and statement earrings, Snowbell pulled out all the stops for this gorgeous creation. With piece ranging from $12.50 to $1,625.00, this is a lady after my own heart mixing high and low pieces with ease. Congrats Snowbell on your gorgeous third place set.

Thank you Polyvore for such a wonderful and fun Summer Six Contest. Each entry was amazing and Polyvore really is a great place to put some of your styling skills to use. If you haven't tried it yet, it's easy and totally user friendly. Make sure to check it out if putting together creative outfits is one of your passions, like mine because sometimes the contests even have REAL prizes (gift cards) in addition to the Polyvore medals. Enjoy my dear readers and congrats the three Summer Six Winners!


thestrawberryfields said...

Its good to hear from the person who chose the winners and why they chose the winners.
All 3 are so different but all 3 are gorgeous as well.
Thanks for a cool contest

Margherita said...

Good choice, the first set is really cool.

Steller*Zeller said...

how do i make a contest?

Anonymous said...

how do i open a contest?
thx :)

Anonymous said...

alright, i made a contest but i want to put one of my sets on display for the do i do that? please please answer me on this email if you can