Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trend Spotter: Fingerless Gloves

Allie Baby spotted a Fingerless Glove trend on Polyvore. This 22-year old fashion design student from Los Angeles knows that rain or shine, gloves can be an integral part of your outfit. You'll have to keep up with your manicures though, because these bad boys are more fashionable than functional. Kim Kardashian fancies a pair of Chanel fingerless gloves (below) and Lady Gaga wears them to embellish her uber-glam rock fashion sense.

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Check out more of this trend in Allie Baby's trend spotter collection:

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And if you love the look, you can get your own pair of Alexander McQueen leather fingerless gloves from Net-A-Porter ($470) or Lady Gaga-inspired ones from ASOS ($31).

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Anh said...

Oh I luv it!

Raji said...

Got to get me some of thosee

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