Monday, July 27, 2009

Trend Spotter: Rosary Necklaces

ambar.rivera spotted a Rosary Necklace trend on Polyvore. She's even been wearing a rosary necklace herself, as shown on her personal blog Ambar's Thoughts. While there may be some debate as to whether this trend is fashionable or functional (for the faithful), there's no doubt that it's back on the rise. Back in the 80s it was inspired by Madonna, but now both male and female celebrities alike have been spotted with their rosary necklaces, including Rihanna and Mischa Barton.

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☆Kei☆ says:

I honestly don't like the idea of wearing rosaries as jewelry.

Also, as said before FIX THE CLIPPER.

I haven't been able to clip for months!

Anonymous said...

I think its disrespectful to the faithful to wear a rosary as a fashion piece. Its for the purpose of prayer not to show off.

Anonymous said...

I finally found out where to get Mischa's rosary necklace! Its a super cute website called Delicate Raymond. Got mine in my birthstone, amethyst!