Thursday, August 6, 2009

Added Up & Coming Sets to the Explore page

Today we made some changes to the Explore page to give more exposure to newer, fresher stuff on Polyvore.

We replaced the old Popular Sets section with a new Up & Coming Sets section, which showcases sets created in the last 24 hours that are on the rise. (If you want to see the most popular sets, you can still find them on the Polyvore homepage.)

We also added a Cool Brands and Cool Sites section that showcases products from newer brands & sites. We also credit the people who first clipped products from those sites or brands. If you want your name here, then go discover some new brands & stores!

We were surprised to learn that some Polyvore members didn't know about contests and all the cool prizes you can win, so we increased the visibility of the Contests section. You can even see some of the latest sets under each contest.

Last but not least, we added a Celebrity Styles section on the Explore page that features celebs who aren't already in the Top 20 celebs listed on the Polyvore homepage.

Hope you like the changes!


❤✿PaintHead said...

Awesome new stuff. Love the up and coming sets. Great way to showcase other awesome sets that deserve more attention.

LOVE the contest section as well. Besides for members who don't know about the contest, that section will give people who look into poly out of curiosity a look into what good ,clean, fun competition is. And could bring more members. oxoxo

Greatness...Keep up the great work over there!

Rachel said...

I totally love that you put the up and coming sets back on the home page. Is the Art & Interiors section still managed by popularity?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I always loved contests it's cool that you put them in a more visible space, i hope more people enter now! :)

You guys are coming up with some really cool stuff!

EMILY LIZ said...

Well, that great guys ur the best. But i will also love to be able to change my own "layout" of my polyvore page. Probable put a background layout. And maybe put a Playlist like the way we do in Myspace. =) =)THAT BE COOL TO DO. =) Anyway you guys are great and keep up the good work.


Blu Vamp said...

Great work on the upgades!

Would be great if the groups and/or contests had a comment section so we could comment on things going on in a group or contest rather than just kudos on individual sets.

~ Blu

Amy Winchester said...

Seems pretty cool guys!(: Great job!
But i have a suggestion! On the Explore page, I was thinking you could have a section for like, sets that are just in! The latest latest sets that have just been made on polyvore!(: It'll be really super!(:

Akaya said...

I like all these changes. The page looks great now, and it`s easy to find cool new stuff. Great work, polyvore people!

Ellen Valensia said...

love polyvore. keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

I know its a good way to see new sets but i reallt prefered the old explore page better. And i really loved the popular page. I just dont like the new one.

Cycy said...

It's good this new features! THANKS But please, PLEASE,go back to the tags too, I miss them!

Cycy said...

Oh, too, for the contests, It would be possible to see other contests from other groups than the only Team Polyvore in the page Explorer? This option would be great!

Angel_Emz95 said...

I love the new Contest format! Great work guys :)
One suggestion for sometime in the future: I would love to be able to search through My Items by category, site etc, like you can with all the items.
Thankyou for all the lovely changes!!

Angel_Emz95 said...

And I think I disagree with the 'pimp my profile' idea - that would make Polyvore too much like any other social networking site, I reckon. Maybe putting a background could be ok, but nothing more.

Angela said...

Thanks so much for bringing this back! This was a feature I had missed soooo much! :)

emily says chill :) said...

First off, I like the new Explore page. Its pretty cool:) But I was reading some of the comments from Polyvorians and i completely agree with EmilyLiz.... i think her idea is awesome and i would come on polyvore ALOT more if i could have my own playlist on here! i play music while i make sets, and it would be extremely convenient to have a playlist already ready to play when i got on here!! Thanks for listening -Emily

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

Oh i looove new stuff!!!
I recently discover the COntest section, i wonder why so many ppl have join the same contest, so i did a little reserch lol xD
I thought those were the contests from other members, like the regular one, but this is great! Brings Polyvore on the next level! Love it! Thank you so much for keeping our passion for Polyvore alive and i'm glad that it's getting better and better!
x0x0 Lora

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Luv all of it!! Can not wait to start using the new stuff!!

Anonymous said...

great work!
But the creat section needs a bigger item limit!!

Cari said...

I love the new Up & Coming Sets idea! =) it's awesome, and it really showcases sets that aren't very "popular" so they can BECOME more popular. I love this idea, it's a great addition to Polyvore.

EMILY LIZ said...

Hello i entered a comment yesterday about improving the polyvore homepage.

"Angel_Emz95 disagreed with me and said that the 'pimp my profile' idea would make Polyvore too much like any other social networking site".

maybe so... but we can make this optional. If people want to make there polyvore home page a little better, then it should be able too. The people that don't want to improve there home page shouldn't have to. "It should be optional" =).

theses are some ideas i came up with to improve polyvore.

1. be able to create our own layout background
2. add a playlist on our polyvore homepage.
3. be able to move around our layout the way we went too on our polyvore home page.
4. add a rotate tool when creating a set
5. be able to add animations in front of our polyvore home page.
6. i also would like to be able to add insert emoticon when we add a comment to a persons set. example : if you want to know what I'm talking about take a look at the link below.

Sorry, Polyvore team i dont mean to rally everyone up, i do that sometimes. I'm a leader not a follower. =)

And thanks "emily says chill" :)ur great.

Thanks for reading EmilyLiz

Anonymous said...

I love the new Up and Coming Sets since you can better spread the love around... :) But, I really liked the popular fashion sets section too. Maybe you could keep both? Thanks for all the work you put into Polyvore!

~HollyJolly{gettinginto[you} said...

I'm wondering if you guys brought this awesome new feature in response to the whole "polyarity" contreversy. If that's right, That's good. Because I think we're all tired of seeing the same 5 names on the popular sets list. I love this new feature because it gives other people a chance to get up there and shine :) And I would've NEVER thought of that. But i never think of any new features, because i love polyvore as it is :)

Jael Paris said...

Love the Up & Coming idea. It seems like once one of your sets is popular, people keep liking it and it never falls off. Great for those people, but there are a ton of great stylists on Polyvore who deserve exposure.

(Please never cave to the call of myspacing out. I avoid that eyesore.)

Anonymous said...

I like the new features :]

In response to Amy Winchester...They had that a while back but people would keep re-publishing their sets so that they would keep appearing in the explore page.

Shaina said...

I like this idea. It lets more people who get faves.

I would absolutely LOVE it if you could make it so that you could enter the name of an item in a set and choose to either remove it, flop it, flip it, show/hide background, or move forward/backward. It is really annoying when I'm making a set and a realize that a certain item just doesn't look right, but it takes forever to fix it because I have a ton of carefully placed items in front of it that I have to move.

yasmina said...

hey i was wondering how i could become more popular on polyvore?
i know i have nice sets, and im sure if more people have a place to see then, that would really help. i just dont know what to do!

yasmina said...

hi polyvore!
i really love the new explorer page, but i think there should be a section where we could find the newest sets and there should be a way for users to get more popular! i also think the users should be incouranged in some way of making more comments! i mean who doesnt love getting comments? i know i do!

Cycy said...

Please, could you make the Up & Coming Sets clickable for seeing others up & coming sets? It's would be fantastic.


Anonymous said...

I noticed free white space on the Explore and My home pages, that is not used, so it would be great to have more information on it about groups, contests, etc.
I think that the layout of the two main Polyvore pages, mention above, should be more dynamic, and with more fresh information. Featured sets should be changed more often, and more dynamic, with recent winners.

KITKAR101PATD said...

very cool! i think thats nice to show up-and-coming sets. and the contests are easier to see. i think its a good idea that the sets that definitely deserve more attention are posted up to see. :)

courtness said...

COOOL. the new sets are awsome ! i just wish some of mine could be up there.


LayDee LiiNz said...

Okay.. so how do i know that my set is displayed on the up & coming sets section? Anyway, I love Polyvore. Keep up the good work.

X~Sophalicious~X.TakingRequests! said...

I really like these new ideas that you are coming up with, it makes the sets/ set creators that are less un - known, known with this new "up and coming sets" section.

One thing that I would like to request which has been asked by many Polyvorians is to have a rotate tool to help make our sets even better, and just make it simpler. Eg. if you are looking for a mascara that has to be horizontal...

If this would be taken into consideration, it would be great!
Thanks again for making polyvore a better place =D


tibby! said...

i like this new idea :) its cute, and i can find new peoples sets. i just cant fins where the popular sets in fashion are ! can anyone help ?