Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trend Spotter: Tie Dye Denim

Rearview spotted a Tie Dye Denim trend on Polyvore. She says, "I love the rocker chic look!! Tie dye jeans look hot with something as simple as a basic tee and ankle booties. Motorcycle jackets look amazing with these, especially when you can see the hardware on them. But you can soften the look up with a blazer (which is what I do.)" Well, Rearview, it looks like Fergie and Rihanna dig your blazer style, too!

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KP said...

Nice post. I'm in search of a pair of tie dye denim pants. It's so sad that H&M doesn't have a store anywhere near me and you can't order online!! Have you found any other "affordable" styles?

Anonymous said...

I love Kill City tie dye denim! Gwen just wore then on the Today Show and the looked amazing :)
Tie Dye denim was actually just the Trend Of The Week on SNOB Style as well...

Everyone needs to own a pair for this Fall Season.

Anonymous said...

just bought a great pair today from forever21 for $23!