Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trend Spotter: Turquoise Ray-Ban Wayfarers

norma spotted a Turquoise Ray-Ban Wayfarer trend on Polyvore. It's all about bright colored frames this summer and turquoise seems to be a hit. Who else has been sporting Ray-Ban's bright beauties? Demi Lovato and Liv Tyler, among many others.

Images courtesy of (left) and (right)

Want to get yourself a pair? These turquiose Ray-Ban wayfarers are $193.50 on

Check out more of this trend in norma's trend spotter collection:

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❤✿PaintHead said...

Awesome shades, love how the color pops.
so summery and it could be for the fall as well. No rules in fashion.LOL

Off the subject for Jess Lee, sad news..John hughes passed away :( Writer and director of Breakfast club, pretty in pink and sixteen candles, just to name a few.
I remember in one of my blog post abou the breakfast club you mentioned that movie was one of your fave as well :(
another 80's icon gone.

TheStrawberryFields said...

I think i must be the only one who isnt a fan of these over priced shades,but then i never wear shades so that be why.

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

They are awsome! Love it! Wanna have it!

Fashion Trends said...

Love the shades! I;ve seen that style a lot lately, seems to be catching on!

sunglasses said...

awesome shades....
Really want to get them for me.

Laura said...

I love having my discount Oakley sunglasses. They're not exactly the same as these, but they're packed with color, too.