Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion Week with Contest Winners

Congratulations to winners of the Fashion Week with contest, my ballet flats<3, Stephanie♥Rene and Tori Su (who, by the way, are all first-time contest winners!) They truly captured the spirit of New York's Spring 2010 Fashion Week by re-interpreting the trends and looks displayed on the runways. These 3 lucky gals will be receiving Fashion Week grab bags from the team over at We got a peek at the goods, and we're definitely jealous!

Here are the winning sets:




Check out more contest entries:

See more on Polyvore


Anonymous said...

hmm I like the last one!

coy colleen said...

the rag & bone look is to the T

Engagement Rings said...

Nice job on the set!

TheStrawberryFields said...

Congratulations ladies well done.
I love the 1st and 2nd winners though the 3rd winner has lovely clothes in the set i beleive the set lacks imagination.
I or anyone else could have picked a catwalk model and matched it with the clothes the model was wearing.
I beleive there was better sets @Nini@ for one had a great set for Baby Phat i beleive it was.
This is just my opinion and no malice is intended i just want to give a tactful opinion which i hope i did.

TheStrawberryFields said...

Dear Sir/Madame

Ive been thinking for a while now,should i contact over their contest held on which ended a couple of months ago or should i not.

Ive been trying to decide if its in my right to do so,but i decided it is only an opinion and one i feel should be aired as i feel so strongly about the subject im about to discuss. is a fashion community where the users (im one myself) create "sets" this could be a collage of art,home decor or even an outfit for any occasion. set up a contest Create a look inspired by New York's Spring 2010 Fashion Week. Whether it's your favorite runway trend, capturing the model-off-duty look, or showcasing what fashion week attendees are wearing in the front row.

The first and second winners yes were good and had personailty to the sets and were creative...the third however is a complete anti-climax to such a wonderful contest.
To give 3rd place winner to someone who has done nothing but copy what rag and bones collection had to offer IS NOT what Polyvore is about.
The third place winner took a picture from rag and bones catwalk model and simply chose clothes which were identical and added them to the set.
It lacked absolute creativity and imagination which fashion is supposed to be about.
Im just annoyed that another girl who had a far superior set lost out to a girl who simply copied,it was such a disappointment.

Thank you for your time and i felt i had to say this.