Friday, September 11, 2009

Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

Here are some of the latest blog posts we came across featuring Polyvore sets:

wants to be Miley Cyrus for a day.

Golestaneh's rockin' out a new look today. Striped top and boyfriend blazer? Yes, please.

Is it tough to be cute and edgy?

Now here's how you wear animal print, ladies.

If you have a blog and would like to be featured here, let us know!


Anonymous said...

Hi Polyvore,
One thing I noticed yesterday was that you put the favorites and comments in the same section. While this might be clever, some people use the comments section to talk with friends, like a group chat? It's really annoying when you have to scroll past all the favorites and stuff. Do you think possible you could change it? :) Polyvore doesn't need any more changes now that you added TAGS! Yay, I love tags. :) Thank you so much! And thanks for running such a great website!

Juice said...

oooh, love the luis vuitton bag :) xx

The Style PA said...

Thanks for the mention.

The Style PA said...

Thanks for the link love :)

EMILY LIZ said...

Somethings bad is happening to the polyvore members sets. For some reason all of their sets have been DELETED if they "LOGOUT" of Polyvore!!FOR some people they realize that all of their sets have been delete and they have no idea whats going on. I really hope that doesn't happen to me. It has happened to more than one person because i have been hearing complaints all day.

I really don't know why the polyvore members do not contact you. The only thing i can tell them is "not to LogOut of polyvore". I hope you guys can do something before everyone goes crazy. I know i would go insane if all my sets were deleted if i log-out of polyvore.

link below: