Monday, September 14, 2009

Pop Culture Watch: 2009 MTV VMAs

NYC is definitely the place to be this week. Not only is Fashion Week in full effect, but the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards took place in the city last night, too. Whether you caught the VMAs or not, chances are you've already heard the buzz around the event. From the amazing Michael Jackson tribute to Lady Gaga's numerous costume changes and historic performance (and who isn't talking about Kanye's rude antics!? -- we love you Taylor!!), here's a recap of the award show, via your amazing VMA-inspired sets:


Anonymous said...

very nice

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

Oh lol, about Kanye West there is just too much talking about it! I mean its VMAs they alwasy have to have something that ppl will talk about it, so i think they all made that up! I found that very funny what he did, it's not like he said anything against her, just gave a compliment to Beyonce and she did everything right after. So no big deal, Taylor got her moment again and everybody are happy.
But it was a set up i can bet on it! They do something every year!
Great sets!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for adding my set to this! (second taylor swift one)