Friday, September 11, 2009

Unleash Your Inner Gaga Contest

Lady Gaga is trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.
Lady Gaga is rocking both the music world and the fashion world with her amazing sound and irrepressible sense of style. She’s up for 9 MTV Video Music Awards and is embarking on a co-headlining tour with Kanye West in November. Her self-styled outfits are wild, theatrical creations that combine rocker chic with disco glam and a splash of burlesque. As V Magazine put it in their recent article on Gaga, “Whether with a lightning bolt painted on her face, big bows in her hair, space-age cat suits, or that Chalayan-inspired bubble dress with matching piano, she can evoke David Bowie, Grace Jones, Bj√∂rk, Stacey Q, Klaus Nomi, or Suzanne Bartsch."

Unleash Your Inner Gaga!
Create an outfit that draws inspiration from Lady Gaga’s unique sense of style and her I-don’t-care-what-they-think attitude. Lose your inhibitions, get crazy, and get glam! Check out the contest page for full details and to enter.

Lady Gaga will personally choose one very lucky winner to receive an autographed copy of her album and a Lady Gaga merchandise pack containing vinyl, a hoodie, t-shirt, hood wrap and necklace. The winning set will also be featured on and on Lady Gaga’s Facebook and MySpace!


haleyy said...

wow sounds like an awesome contest!

but why hasn't their been a blog post about the new polyvore? with the likes/favorites in the comments and pages for the comments. I really don't like it, I asked other people about it too and all but one really hated it as well. I liked the "view all" button for the comments and the likes in the comments takes up way too much space and its too hard to see just the comments!

sorry I know you all are working hard to make this a better site but I don't like these new changes at all!

KimiSue said...

I have been having tons of fun doing this contest!!! it lets you go insane xD i love lady gagas style coz it unique and no one dares to wear it but her!! I think it brilliant to have a fashion role model like her so it shows people to be creative when thinking of fashion :] xx

Anonymous said...

I made like tons of Lady Gaga sets and I wonder... What's happening with this contest now??? It's been 2 months since the contest ended - she can be THAT busy...=))))