Monday, October 12, 2009

Guest Blog: Go-To Black Shoes

This guest post was written by Jennifer and Melissa of Workchic helps dress women for work by offering suggested outfits, fit guidelines, tips and tricks on how to look professional, feminine and chic. Check out the Workchic blog for tips and trends!

As we discuss updating your basics, one area we must touch on is black shoes. After a little shopping this weekend we were very inspired to discuss the subject. Depending on your lifestyle, this may be a ballet flat or a 3" stiletto. In our book it's one of each. To show you how simply these can work into your office attire, we put together three Workchic looks. You may even see some of our other recommended basics worked into the mix.

In a business professional office, a suit is your key look. We love to accessorize simple silhouettes and generally feel shoes are a great way to do it. But, if you work in a more traditional office environment or are going to a meeting with a more conservative group of clients; this is not the time to pull out those burgundy peep toe pumps. Having go-to black shoes will be very important. We also went with simple earrings and a fairly classic watch to keep the overall effect polished, professional, and sophisticated.

Business Casual is the most common office dress code. Here the lines get hazy, but we still love having a great black shoe on hand. We found a wool brocade skirt and paired it with a loose turtleneck sweater. Add a belt to pull the look together. Either peep-toe pumps or knotted ballet flats will look chic with this ensemble.

For a more casual day in the office. Pair flare leg denim with a chunky wrap front cardigan and t-shirt. Here we played a little more with your black shoes. Ballet flats have a tie at the toe and peep-toe booties are a big trend for fall. While these may not be as basic, you’ll still find them to be very versatile.

Any of these styles will easily update your wardrobe and make getting dressed in the morning that much simpler. While we had fun looking at different styles and creating outfits on Polyvore, these shoes really are a basic. You may be tempted to pick them up in red, silver, or a fun animal print- today let's stick to the basics. Make sure you have this area covered and then start shopping for the extras.


Anonymous said...

Hi Polyvore.

So a lot of people have been asking for an "icon" to see when a friend is on, and for instant messaging on Polyvore.

I would just like to say--if you are even thinking of adding that, please don't.

I think Polyvore is a place for creativity, fashion, and art, not for messaging your friends and gossiping. that's what MYSPACE is for. I don't mean this to sound rude, but I'm tired of those people who use Polyvore as a social networking site. I don't think that's what Polyvore is about.

So, I know you probably get a TON of PMs and comments all the time about instant messaging on Polyvore... but I really don't think it's neccesary on a site that's supposed to be about fashion and art.

Thanks for your time!! =]

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Hello Polyvore!

I actually run to your site whenever i need a reference on how to mix and match things. Those black shoes are simple and classic. And it sure is a good buy coz it's gonna go well with almost everything!

The only prob i have with your site though is that the database is quite extensive that my internet connection can't help me finish a creation in an instant.:S

zbsports said...

I this a good combination of office attire...i like the black and white combination very simple yet sophisticated...^_^

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You have a knack for matching up simple outfit pieces and make a fantastic fashion statement. I love the combination of shoes and dress and designer bags. Good job!

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Felicity Mozdzen said...

Oh, the ladies flat shoes are to die for! I've never seen such intricate beauty and comfort rolled into one.

Margie E. McKinney said...

Black shoes is a must have. I have two pairs of black shoes that I wear for work. I need to buy a new one soon like that shoes in that picture.

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