Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hypnotize Lancôme with Your Fashion Sense

Introducing Hypnôse Senses
Science says we have five senses. But everyone knows there’s a sixth sense—your fashion sense. To launch the new Hypnôse Senses—a lush blend of pink peppercorn, mandarin, patchouli and vanilla—we want to see your style come alive.

Show Off Your Fashion Sense
Create as many sets as you like that sum up your unique fashion sense. Make sure to include a bottle of Hypnôse Senses from to complete your set. After all, every fashion icon in the making needs a signature scent.

Spokesmodel Daria Werbowy will personally be choosing one first-place winner to receive a $250 e-certificate to plus a bottle of Hypnôse Senses signed by her! Five runners-up each will receive a $100 e-certificate to and a bottle of Hypnôse Senses.

Get started and enter your sets now!


Amanda. said...

Hi Polyvore,

I'm glad you are making some minor changes, but I'm sorry to say that the profile pages aren't for the better. They are confusing and way too big. One thing that REALLY bugs me is the layout.

I personally think the old ones were much, much better. They were more accessible and easy to use. The sets showed up small, which I liked. The profile information was at the TOP of the page. Your favorites were small, too. I really, really liked that.

I'm not sure on my reaction to your statement that "it's more like a blog". I think that Polyvore should keep its unique format and not make it like a blog. I prefer the old layout, as do thousands of other Polyvorians.

I ask you to not make any major changes to Polyvore!! Please. The editor is fine the way it is. It's easy to search for items. (although a rotating tool would be nice :-)) And the group layouts are fine the way they are, too.

Please don't turn into Facebook, where they make a major change every month. I love Polyvore the way it is!! I'm begging you, please don't make any HUGE, MAJOR changes anytime soon. You guys are doing a great job as you are :)

And although I VERY MUCH prefer the old layout of the profile page, I understand if you guys don't want to change it back. I'm just saying, it might make a ton of Polyvorians angry, but I understand.

Thanks for your time if you read this whole comment. :-)

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

Oh so love it!!