Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Interview with dianelynn

Today's interview is with dianelynn. Dianelynn is a wonderful reminder of how Polyvore appeals to all, regardless of age :) She recently wrote into us and her background sparked our curiosity, so we asked her to share with us more about herself, her style and what she loves about Polyvore.

Here are some of her sets:

Tell us about yourself.

I live in the United States, in Pittsburgh, PA. I just turned fifty years old last week. Most of my career, I have been a personal trainer, group exercise and Pilates instructor. I was also a dancer and model when I was in my teens and throughout my twenties, and taught ballroom dancing. I recently began school to become a nail technician since injuries preclude me from doing my current profession any longer. So, now, instead of a owning a gym someday, I now hope to own a gym/day spa!!

Describe your sense of style/fashion.

I lean toward classic clothing. Simple, fitted clothes with clean lines suit me best. I was told when modeling that finding your “look” is an essential part of style; knowing what works for you. Once you find it, stick with it as your “base”, adding the trends as they apply and only if they are appropriate for you. I adore shoes and boots and simply love scarves to complete an ensemble.

Are there any particular fashion trends that you've been seeing people wear in Pittsburgh lately?

Platforms are big here, as well as the bob haircut. We are always behind the latest styles in Pittsburgh.

How did you discover Polyvore?

I was directed to it from the InStyle website. I was hooked IMMEDIATELY!! I flipped through hundreds and hundreds of sets that first night.

Tell us a little about what you use Polyvore for and why. What do you like about Polyvore?

I am a clothes hound. I devour fashion magazines and always have. I love the entire industry. Clothes, hair, makeup…I love it all. I could never afford the beautiful creations I put together. This site allows me to play dress up and shop without spending money! I explore different looks than I would wear in real life. But there is so much more here to discover. It isn't only the extraordinary creativity, or the wealth of beautiful clothes we get to choose from to make our sets. It is such a nurturing, positive environment. I have rarely, if ever, seen such a supportive population. Everyone is upbeat and the faves are encouraging and stimulating. It creates a fostering and safe place to play out your dreams of fashion and expression. I have made friends from all over the world and been allowed to see their visions. I have learned of other cultures. Another beauty of this is that age has no relevancy here! I have spoken to young women of eleven to young women of seventy five! I have unleashed a creative streak held long dormant and I keep getting better and better! It's so much fun! I, for one, see it extending into other areas of my life; when I'm buying clothes or even decorating a room now.

Describe your set creation process. Where do you get inspiration for your sets? How do you pick a theme? How do you find your items?

My inspiration comes from my imagination. Many of my sets are things I would love to wear. Much of it is the exact opposite; things I CAN’T wear and can play with in the editor. Colors, shapes, a great dress, an outstanding bag; I just poke around and whatever catches my attention that day begins the process. I often start with just the color. You’ll notice many sets in black and white, for example. I love black and white.

What are your favorite designers and brands you like to clip products from?

My brother built my computer and it won’t allow the clipper! But my favorite designers are Ralph Lauren for my own clothes, and Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin and Balmain for my sets. I also adore modelmayhem.com for backgrounds.

What are your 3 favorite sets of the ones you've made?

Because I would so wear it...

Because I would LOVE to wear it and can’t...

Because I just think it’s a gorgeous outfit...

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

None I can think of.


Karine Minzon Wilson fashion blog said...

My dear Dianelynn, it was so nice read about you!!!!! love your sets and sense of style, keep it up!!!!! hugs, Ka

Maryjo said...

Wowwwwwwww .. loved the interview.
The Dianelynn is a beautiful person.
I agree with her about the
friendships, I also have friends from
various countries and ages, that's wonderful.
Congratulations on the amazing sets.

TheStrawberryFields said...

Great interview and great to see an older glam lady using Polyvore....i once was called too old for this site.Im betting the girl that said it is feeling rather small now.

alicja -2204 said...

Fantastic inteview, darlin'. congrats!!! It was nice to read about you. I agree with your choice of the best sets. Specially the third one :)However your all sest are breathtakinly gorgeous!!! Always with top class and style. I keep my fingers crossed for your planes :)

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