Monday, October 19, 2009

Trend Spotter: Doc Martens

Z♥LDN spotted a Doc Martens trend on Polyvore. She says, "The 80's have truly made a comeback with one of the most iconic shoes being featured in fashionistas' outfits. Doc Martens are no longer reserved for punks but are a stylish way to toughen up girly looks or inject some authentic rockability factor into one's wardrobe." Check out how Emma Roberts and Agyness Deyn are rockin' their Docs.

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CarrieBeth said...

Oh please say that this is not true.

Anonymous said...

i love my docs!!

Anonymous said...

I've got those white ones like Agyness! :D

Margaret said...

I love them too! Although this season I am thinking doc martens "inspired" like the lace up boots from NDC or those the cool See by Chloe version seen on Diane Kruger.

Anonymous said...

wow, nice!
i have some, too & i love them.
they're worthwile.

Dr Martens Boots said...

The last two pairs are so pretty *__* I would wear them out! Honestly >_<