Friday, November 20, 2009

Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

Here are some of the most recent blog posts we came across featuring Polyvore sets:

Beat the battle of the snow with glamour of glitter and sequins.

Style salute with military jackets.

High fashion with a Hanes undershirt? Brilliant.

A love of Luella.

Dress to impress at your holiday party for $275!

Steal the scene with fur.

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-kristy!* said...

PLEASE BRING BACK THE MY COMMENTS BUTTON! I used that button like a billion times everyday!

Sierra Chenee said...

Polyvore! Help! I went to the home page to look at the comments I have left on other peoples sets which I use quite frequently to respond back to my polyfriends, but when I went there the comment button was gone! Where is it?! If you have taken it away please put it back! I used it a lot and now it is going to be very hard to talk to people for me =(