Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trend Spotter: Liquid Leggings

Rearview spotted a Liquid Leggings trend on Polyvore. She says, "You can look super sleek and sexy with liquid leggings. They're also an affordable alternative to leather leggings...with added sheen." This look won't put a hole in your wallet (you can get a pair for $14 on and it's easy to pull off. Just pair up with a cardigan, t-shirt, or blouse. Hollywood's loving this trend, too!

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View 'Liquid Leggings' on Polyvore

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Anonymous said...

Dear Polyvore,
I've given the new profile pages a WEEK and i STILL can't get used to them. My eyes still hurt... can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change them back to the old layout? Or at least give us the OPTION of choosing the new or old?

I think that would be for the best. The new layout is WAY too crowded, and each set is HUGE. Please, I really like the simplicity and ease of the old layout.

I'm begging you--I haven't been on Polyvore since the weekend because I simply can't stand the new layouts.

Susan said...

Liquid leggings can be super-sleek and sexy, but mainly on long, slim legs. Sure, they're perfect in the virtual world - but how easy are they to wear, and how attractive do they look in reality? Curious to know what others think.

Love the new layout by the way. Thanks for all the new features too. Polyvore is awesome!

Anonymous said...

"Liquid Leggings", "Glossy Leggings" or often "Shiny Leggings" are so bad ass!
You gotta know what to wear with them though...Just try not overdoing it with the sexiness.
As for fit on different women, I think curvy girls CAN wear's about attitude, not shape.
Of course, having a great butt sure helps.
Tip: Wear them with seamless undies, thong or commando. There's nothing worse than a deep pantie line.
Make sure you don't got no 'Camel Toe' either..


leggins and boots said...

Leggings are for those with lovely legs - as someone with somewhat chunky thighs, when I wear these I tend to look like a pro wrestler...

Nirbanjyoti Das said...

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