Friday, December 4, 2009

Fave Your Friend's Collections!

Today we made some improvements to the collection feature on Polyvore, which allows you to put together a bunch of sets on any theme.

  • We added a "I like it" button to collections. If someone has made a cool collection, let them know you dig it by liking it.
  • You can search for collections using the search box at the top of Polyvore. Just select "Collections" from the dropdown.
  • When someone adds your set to a collection, a notification shows up in your activity stream.
  • Interesting, high-quality collections are randomly selected for inclusion on the Explore page.
If you've created some cool collections about hot trends, pop culture, or other interesting topics, send them to us at! We'll feature the best ones on the Polyvore blog.

Here are some cool collections we spotted on Polyvore:

View 'Grunge Chic' on Polyvore

View 'Pop Culture Watch: Glee' on Polyvore

View 'Kristen Stewart' on Polyvore

P.S. To embed collections on your blog, click the "Embed this on your blog" link to get the embed code.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Polyvore. I have seen some amazing collections out there, and also appreciate the fact that i can get feedback off my own collections. Thank you I love you polyvore

Anonymous said...

So When Someone Faves A Collection Is That One Fave?? Or The Amount In The Set??:/ xo

Jael Paris said...

Well, that explains why my Glee sets have suddenly upped in popularity.

yankeegrl506 said...

I love this idea =)

Anonymous said...

I really like this new feature!

Sierra Chenee said...

I think this is really cool Polyvore. But instead can you focus on making an option to change to layout back if we would like. There are many members that still don't like it and I feel it is more essential than adding more favorites to our number.

Containers said...

Thanks for posting, I very much liked reading your latest post. I think you should post more often, you clearly have talent for blogging!


Anonymous said...

Why am I seeing stuff in the Sets My Contacts Liked section from people who aren't even my contacts, and never were?