Monday, December 7, 2009

Join the Polyvore Team as Our Content Producer!

Polyvore is looking for a talented, creative, and enthusiastic individual who can combine a passion for fashion with the ability to produce great content for our site. You will be responsible for general site programming and highlighting content produced by the incredibly talented Polyvore user community. Your goal will be to attract a large following of readers to Polyvore by showcasing sets related to interesting topics in fashion, celebrity and pop culture. Since you may have to create original content as well, you have to be able to make a kickass Polyvore set yourself!


* Programming/updating/curating parts of the site
* Editing and creating original content
* Collaborating with team members and community members
* Utilizing internal data sources to track key metrics for all content produced and using this information to inform future content production


* BA/BS degree required
* 2+ years of experience producing content online (e.g. writing a blog)
* Familiar with Polyvore and able to create high quality sets
* Passionate and knowledgeable about fashion, designers, celebrities, pop culture
* Good understanding of the types of content that are successful on the Web
* Flair for packaging and promotion
* Excellent writing skills and communication skills
* Ability to write simple HTML
* Organized, detail-oriented and able to multitask
* Must be located in the San Francisco Bay Area

To apply, please send us the following

* Resume
* Link to your Polyvore profile
* Create 2 collections that showcase a topic you think you would be interesting to our readers. Make sure to include at least 100 words in the description. Here are some examples.
* Examples of other content you've produced online, e.g. your blog


Jessy said...

Oh what an amazing opportunity, a dream job! If only I didn't live in Australia....

Hope you find someone perfect x

❤✿PaintHead said...

Gosh..what a Dream job! oxoxox Good luck to who ever goes for it...I would sell my right arm, but hey Poly you guys know you rock because you used the word "kickass" such rebels... LOVE it!

Jael Paris said...

I'm curious as to why a blogger would need to live in the same area as the staff at large? I've been blogging with a friend for over two years now and we're over 200 miles apart.