Monday, December 21, 2009

Tribute to Brittany Murphy

Hollywood lost a shining star yesterday. Actress Brittany Murphy, best known for her performances in Clueless (who can forget her singing 'Rollin With The Homies'?) and Just Married, died at the age of 32. I still remember when Brittany played Molly Morgan on the short-lived TV show, The Torkelsons. Her smile had a way of lighting up the big screen and it's obvious that she touched the lives of so many of you by the amount of tribute sets that have been popping up on Polyvore. Here's to Brittany Murphy...we're sad to have lost you.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brittany's family, friends and fans. Rest in peace.


❤✿PaintHead said...

So sad. Such a great actress and beautiful voice.
It's sad to think of what more she could of accomplish, being that she still was to young to be taken away. I'm sure she will be missed. :(

Lovely Tribute!

Jennifer said...

This is lovely. I can't believe she's goine so soon. I think she did have a way about her that made you just love her.

Marissa said...

R.I.P. Brittany, you will be missed ... : (
She was so beautiful and a talented actress <3

Nicole Leigh said...

so sad! I totally remember her on the torkelsons! wow!

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. Her New Years resolution for last year was to have a baby this year....My mom said,"It's so sad to die so young and not to be able to experience the joy of motherhood." R.I.P Brittany Murphy.
~LexxiLethal on Polyvore

Rocker Repro said...

Yes, she was one of my favorite actresses. I followed her from TV on. Sadness.

RIP B.M said...

She was an inspiration for me
when her movie ( Love an other disasters ) came out I was willing to watch it and when i did .. i loved her accent while speaking italian .. that's why I wanna learn it .. also her beauty and her voice ... everything about her ... I'll remember her forever

and I give her this ..

Goodnight, sleep tight
No more tears
In the morning I'll be here
And when we say goodnight,
Dry your eyes
Because we said goodnight,
And not goodbye
We said goodnight
And not goodbye

TheStrawberryFields said...

R.I.P A very sad passing she seemed a girl you could sit down have a drink and a chat with,no divaness or ego about her.
She was gorgeous inside and out.

alexxxxx♥lovee said...

i still can not believe she is gone.
she is my f a v o r i t e actress over all
especially in Uptown Girls and Clueless.
Those are my favorite movies.
She had such a strong accent and amazing
personality. I can't believe she's gone. . .

annaliese said...

so sad!!! i loved her in uptown girls. she will be missed. :~[

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

I still cant believe! :O

jamezz said...

With big sparkling dark eyes and a smile that could cure anyone's blues,not only was she very talented but literally bubbling with charm. Even in the less popular films she appeared in there is still a quality about her that makes her fascinating to watch.

Kylinn D. said...

When Brittany died my heart dropped and she was SOOO talented and always be remembered as a great actress and singer.... peace and love to her family and friends I know this must be hard 4 them....R.I.P Brittany Murphy