Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Are You Wearing on New Year's Eve?

Big plans to dance and party your way into 2010? Make sure you're dressed the part to ring in the New Year! Here are some hot outfit suggestions from fellow Polyvorians:


Harper said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Polyvore,

I am writing to talk to you about the Coach contest. In future contests can you please not allow the contest to go outside of Polyvore. The voting system on facebook is messed up.

Last night one of the users went to bed with around 250 votes. Waking up this morning the votes kept growing higher and higher into the tens of thousands. I guess there was a glitch in the system. But now the votes are down lower than they were last night.

Polyvore I really feel that we should receive an answer as to how come so peoples votes were high than before and others dropped dramatically in votes. This contest should either be voted on Polyvore or have the Coach members do it themselves.

Please do not allow contests to go outside of Polyvore again. Thank you.

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