Wednesday, September 30, 2009

YesStyle Store Grand Opening Contest Winners

Here's to grand openings and first impressions! YesStyle just opened their first ever physical store location and Miss Asian California 2009, Victoria Pham, was the guest of honor for the opening ceremony. We asked you to help put together an outfit for Victoria for this exciting event, and the YesStyle team picked 3 lucky winners for a shopping spree!

Congratulations to the winners:

Check out more contest entries:

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Interview with Kaliam

Today's interview is with Kaliam, whose distinct style caught our eye. Large photos are the main attraction in her sets with miniature images of clothing and accessories as the embellishments. We were impressed at how beautifully each of her sets tell a story and how everything meshes together.

Here are some of her sets:

Tell us about yourself.

I'm a 23-year old girl who lives in Italy near Milan, where I'm studying building engineering/architecture. The fashion world has always fascinated me, in particular the way in which architects are borrowing the techniques of pleating,stapling, cutting and draping from traditional tailoring to design buildings that are flexible and interactive. They observe the construction of the clothes and how the fabric goes together to make volumetric forms. I like the relationship between fashion and architecture, love when they fuse together using different materials and shapes like cotton, molded fiberglass, leather, resin with fiber-optics, nylon and so on. This was the theme of my degree thesis at the end of my first three years. After my studies, I would like to move to the USA. I'm substantially a simple person, I feel like a director rather than an actor, preferring to stay behind the scenes. I love reading architectural books, magazines, listening to music, watching TV, going out with friends and eating gummy candies :D

Describe your sense of style/fashion.

I'm not a huge fan of fluorescent colors, glitter, dots and floral prints on myself, but I love seeing them on other people. I like whatever is comfy or whatever looks good on my body. We should be comfortable in every situation, place and occasion. My style is pretty casual, and colors have to match perfectly. I've completely fallen in love with accessories (they can really change an outfit): necklaces, hair clips, brooches, bracelets, everything with butterflies and maxi bags. But I hate gloves, so my hands are constantly frozen in winter!

Are there any particular fashion trends that you've been seeing people
wear in Milan lately?

Well, in Milan you can see everything! The 80's are back and designers render it in a modern and contemporary way, very feminine and chic. You can see everywhere studded bags by Miu Miu, Cavalli, Louis Vuitton, but my favorite is the Versace Vanitas bag. Thigh high boots are undoubtedly the hottest shoe trend for women in this season. One of the most fabulous shops in Milan is called Vergelio, you can find the most amazing shoes by top designers. On the Quadrilatero, the high-fashion shopping district with the famous Montenapoleone street, you can see women always elegant with impeccable coats and capes (the shop-windows are full of amazing capes). Torino Street is heaven for the youngsters: leggings, checkered dresses and leather jackets from Bershka and Paul & Bear are everywhere.

How did you discover Polyvore?

July 2008, Milan, 9:00 a.m. :D When I came out of the subway a man gave me a free daily newspaper and in a corner of the last pages there was a small article about Polyvore. I remember that there was a page with advice for people who can't spend much money on fashion. There were amazing ideas about dress-sharing as a business and not only as an usual ritual between girls. With a monthly subscription, stores and web sites can offer dresses, bags, shoes for rent with good prices. And for all the dreamers there was Polyvore, a place in which you can create your own style without money. "Mmmm...," I thought. "Let's see this website." And well, you know what happened, I'm here and totally addicted.

Tell us a little about what you use Polyvore for and why. What do you like about Polyvore?

I use Polyvore because it allows to express myself and my feelings. As you can see, my sets are not totally focused on the outfit, the pictures are very important, too. I try to find the perfect mix between photos and outfits. Polyvore is a beautiful place to discover new designers, new products, fantastic blogs too (speaking of this, I'm thinking of starting one soon.) And it's not like other social networks where people share only information about themselves and gossip, we can let the imagination run wild. Fantasy and creativity are the key words. This is really a great community of fashionistas!!!

Describe your set creation process. Where do you get inspiration for your
sets? How do you pick a theme? How do you find your items?

It could takes one or several hours. Sometimes I can't finish a set because one little detail isn't perfect. I'm very very very obsessed with details. Sometimes the set is almost finished but if everything doesn't match perfectly, I won't publish it but I'll start another one immediately. You can't image how many drafts I have: more than 600! I always start choosing pictures or photos, then decoration and clothes that have to match with colors and style. I love when sets convey emotions and sensations. I don't have a particular theme. My sets reflect happiness, sadness, pain and joy I feel in my real life. But sometimes they're a dream, a desire, something I wish to be or live or I want to wear. Usually I clip pics from blogs or modeling portfolios (,, are the best), or simply search on Polyvore.

What are your favorite online stores you like to clip products from?,,,, are my favorites for clothes. It doesn't matter if is a brand expensive or cheap, well-known or not, I like anything that stuns me at first sight.,,, for home decorations. I have to say that often there isn't a particular web site, I love finding new websites and stores by googling.

What are your 3 favorite sets of the ones you've made?

It's so difficult :P

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

I'd like to use more than 50 items.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pop Culture Watch: The Hills Is Back...and So Is Kristin Cavallari

The Hills is back on tonight...but this time, there's a not-so-new girl in town. Our beloved LC may not be around this season, but Kristin Cavallari is making a dramatic return. She made her first impression on our lives on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, and for most of us it's been a love-hate relationship since. We can't wait to see what drama is brewing this season. With all the hype of the Hills' season premiere, we're not surprised to see Kristin Cavallari-inspired sets popping up all over Polyvore!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Guest Blog: White Blouses

This guest post was written by Jennifer and Melissa of Workchic helps dress women for work by offering suggested outfits, fit guidelines, tips and tricks on how to look professional, feminine and chic. Check out the Workchic blog for tips and trends!

Having a few White Blouses in your wardrobe is very important. They can easily be layered under blazers or sweaters and also look polished by themselves. Considered a basic item in your work wardrobe, a crisp white button down, can be a go-to item when you are not sure what to wear for the office. We created outfits to show you how to make them work in a couple of business casual looks.

For a more professional and polished look, wear your blouse under an updated stripe frill blazer. We would tuck it into this deep jade A-line skirt and pair the look with knee high boots. Keeping in shades of green, we found a washed leather hobo to carry your goodies to and from the office. Since we have a lot of detail in the jacket, we chose more simple gold jewelry. This style is ideal for a business casual office, or a more contemporary business environment.

As we mentioned white blouses also look chic layered under a sweater or cardigan. We love picking a bright color to pop off of a more neutral palette. We also had fun with your accessories. Zebra inspired striped heels will be unexpected but still chic. Keep your bag in a tonal palette and update traditional pearls with multiple chain strands. This is another classic business casual style. For more casual days, pair the look with dark wash denim instead of trousers.

Both of these looks show you how versatile a classic white blouse can be. This should be a staple in your work wardrobe and you can shop to find more white shirts perfect for your office. Stay tuned as we continue to help you update your basics every other Monday throughout the fall!

Trend Spotter: Lace Up Boots

fashunfwd spotted a Lace Up Boots trend on Polyvore. Look out for the laces...they're everywhere! From dainty stilettos to rugged chunky heels, these hotties are in. Go for booties if you want to the most versatility. Perfect with skinny pants, boyfriend jeans and even skirts. But we're also loving the above-the ankle lengths for a stronger statement. Check out these Alexander Wang lace up boots from the runway:

Image courtesy of

Untitled by - A.K. featuring Clu

Check out more of this trend in fashunfwd's trend spotter collection:
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion Week with Contest Winners

Congratulations to winners of the Fashion Week with contest, my ballet flats<3, Stephanie♥Rene and Tori Su (who, by the way, are all first-time contest winners!) They truly captured the spirit of New York's Spring 2010 Fashion Week by re-interpreting the trends and looks displayed on the runways. These 3 lucky gals will be receiving Fashion Week grab bags from the team over at We got a peek at the goods, and we're definitely jealous!

Here are the winning sets:




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Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

Here are some of the latest blog posts we came across featuring Polyvore sets:

Amber's pleading for a job so she can indulge in fall fashion!

Fat Stylist has her mind on good 'ole country comfort.

Fashion Without Guilt
is inspired by a neutral palette.

gives us fashion survival tips for a summer in Brisbane.

Observe the comfort of jersey...stylishly, of course.

Aww, look at you. You're all grown up.

If you have a blog and would like to be featured here, let us know!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Common Tags on Polyvore

Wanna know how cool trends and themes get spotted on Polyvore? It's usually through the tags you use for your sets. Tags are important because they're the best way to indicate what your sets are about to others and see who else is on the same page as you (both literally and figuratively.) For example, we've started to see tons of sets with popular tags like: 'real life sets', 'celebrity style,' 'style steal,' 'get the look' and 'street style.'

Have you come across popular tags? Let us know by putting a collection together with sets you see that share a common tag and leave us a comment with the link to the collection. Don't forget to tell us the name of the tag!

Marc By Marc Jacobs and Chairlift - Songs with Style Contest Winners

Drumroll please...

We know you've all been waiting patiently for us to announce the winners of the Marc by Marc Jacobs and Chairlift - Songs with Style contest. The contest was so popular, that we even extended it! 4165 entries have decorated Polyvore in bright jewel tones galore with Marc by Marc Jacobs gems like the Hayley houndstooth jacket and the Brunette Girl tee. After much deliberation, the team over at Marc by Marc Jacobs has chosen 6 lucky winners to receive some pretty sweet prizes! Here's a photo of the team with the Top 3 winning sets by Keren B., sandrascloset and Sierra Chenee:

And without further ado, the Marc by Marc Jacobs team brings you the 6 contest winners...

1st place and winner of a $1000 Marc by Marc Jacobs fall collection shopping spree:

This was by far the favorite. The overall concept is visually interesting, and the color story is beautiful. The grey back to the gold gives a really rich look.


Another great color story! Everyone loved that there is a lot of product on the page, but it doesn't look too busy.


The Chairlift collage down the left side is really what made us gravitate towards this set. The featured Avery Colorblock dress is also one of our favorite dresses!


We love that this one looks like a true collage. The layering of the photo's throughout the Marc By Marc Jacobs product is perfectly placed.


The background script of the Marc By Marc Jacobs and Chairlift is so fun! We also liked how it looks like jewelry is overflowing out of the handbag.


This is what we called the 'rock and roll set'. We liked that they included Marc himself, and the choice of accessories.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thanks to everyone who entered! You can check out more contest entries here:

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Trend Spotter: Sweater Dress

joostyna has spotted a Sweater Dress trend on Polyvore. Cold weather doesn't mean you have to trade in the minis for pants. The runways predicted the sweater dress to be a favorite for fall 2009 and Polyvorians know how to work it. And joostyna was so inspired by this trend on Polyvore, she started a contest around it (you can join her 'Must Haves' group to enter your favorite sweater dress look here.)

Images courtesy of (left) and (right)

Check out more of this trend in joostyna's trend spotter collection:

View 'Sweater Dress' on Polyvore

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15% Off at Moxsie

Good news, Polyvorians! The team was so pleased with your amazing contest entries in the Show Us Your Moxsie contest that they've decided to offer a 15% discount to all Polyvore members. Just use the coupon code POLYMOX when you check out.

Moxsie is home to amazing indie designers from all over the world. We're big fans of Matt Bernson, who makes a great line of shoes, including these gray peeptoe booties ($221 with the discount).

We also love Emma McCarroll Etc's jewelry, like this black feather necklace ($146) and matching black feather earrings ($50).

Moxsie also has lots of cute, affordable clothing, like this graphic tee ($38) and leggings with leather detail ($34) from Dimepiece.

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