Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dress-A-Friend Fridays: Week 1 Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Dress-A-Friend Fridays contest! It was really cool to see all the thought that went into the outfits that many of you created for your friends (and even your moms!) We did notice, however, that a lot of you submitted old sets that were not outfits styled for your friends. So unfortunately, we had to disqualify those sets.

Since the idea behind Dress-A-Friend Fridays is to create a new outfit for a friend, we're adding a rule which only allows new sets to be submitted to this contest. It's really important to follow all the rules of the contest to not only keep in the spirit of the theme, but to make sure your set is not disqualified. After you've created an outfit, don't forget to email it to your friend for them to see! It's also helpful to include a description for your set so your friend knows why you created the outfit for them.

Also, with Dress-A-Friend Fridays you get to vote for your favorite outfits! So remember to vote for your 3 favorite sets once the contest concludes. Here are the 3 winners you guys chose for last week's contest along with the story behind the 1st place set:


♥Jessica♥ created this set for her younger sister because she wears a lot of graphic logo tees, so she wanted to create a look that incorporated a graphic image instead. She showed the outfit to her sister, who thought it was cute even though it was different than what she'd usually wear. Maybe now ♥Jessica♥'s sister will be up to trying something new while still keeping her casual, comfy look!



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