Friday, January 15, 2010

Dress-A-Friend Fridays

We all have friends that ask us for fashion advice. (And even if they don't ask, sometimes we take it upon ourselves to help them out anyway.) Wish your super preppy best friend had a little more edge? Or would you love to see your tomboy sister in a pair of heels? Worry no's Dress-A-Friend Fridays to the rescue!

Here's the scoop:

Each Friday, you'll have the opportunity to choose a friend and create an outfit that you think they should wear. Once you've created the outfit, enter it into the contest and also email it to your friend via the 'Email your set' link on the set page. Your friends will be thrilled to see the outfits you've put together for them. with your amazing styling abilities, don't be surprised if your friends end up taking your fashion advice!

And guess what? Community voting is back for Dress-A-Friend Fridays, which means you guys choose your favorite outfits!


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very nice marketing polyvore *clap clap*