Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Interview with Empress-Sha

3 months on Polyvore and Empress-Sha has already become a design guru. With 2 official contest wins under her belt already, she's definitely on a roll. Empress-Sha is a lover of all things fashion and her blog, TrueQueen, is pretty darn cool, too! She'll help you stay in the know of rising trends and celebrity looks.

Here are some of her sets:

Tell us about yourself.

Well my real name is Shannon, I'll be 23 on Valentine's Day and was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but currently reside in the nation's capital; Ottawa. I moved here nearly 3 years ago to attend Algonquin College for their interior decorating program and graduated in April 09'. After a student placement, I ended up working part time in the paint department at The Home Depot. Color is sort of my thing :) I aspire to be a figure in the design industry. I am passionate about both fashion and interior design and am currently working on developing my own lines.

How would you describe your sense of style?

I like clean lines, I like things to have a rocker edge to them. I prefer darker colors; black, white, navy, and bold splashes of color like red. You'll probably see me wearing black 6 out of 7 days. I love jewelry; both gold and silver and feel odd if I leave my house without any on. I like bodycon dresses, knee-high boots and leather jackets, but still have a love for vintage, which never goes out of style, and can always make a boring outfit exciting and fresh again.

What's hot in your 'hood right now?

Well I have noticed out here in Ottawa since it's really cold that more and more people are actually wearing real winter boots and not just the boring regular boots, nice cute ones like the one's Sorel makes. I need to get myself a pair!

What's one thing you wish people would wear more of?

I wish more people would wear blazers. I love a black blazer over a white shirt or tank top, it ups the ante on any outfit and is incredibly versatile. You can wear it on a casual day with jeans or with a dressy outfit and it pulls everything together for a clean look finished.

How did you discover Polyvore?

I discovered Polyvore while visiting another fashion blog. I noticed that they created what I have learned to be called a "set" and really wanted to make my own. I joined the site 3 months ago and log in almost everyday since!

Tell us a little about what you use Polyvore for and why. What do you like about Polyvore?

I love Polyvore and use it to help me organize trends I notice and the ones I may have missed in fashion to post to my own personal blog; TrueQueen, which is dedicated to everything fashion from current trends, celebrity fashionistas and how and where we can get the items we're obsessed with! I also use it as an outlet to express myself in ways that may not be possible in reality. I like to feel connected to a community of people with the same passion I have, and Polyvore allows me to do this. What I like most about Polyvore is the social aspect, and I wish it could be developed even further in some way. Joining groups and getting feed back from other users is a great way to learn and get better at creating original sets.

If you could share one tip or trick with a new Polyvore member, what would it be?

One tip I would share would be for them to just let their imagination take over and imagine putting things together in shapes and laid out in a way that they normally wouldn't have done other wise. The best sets always have me thinking. "Wow. I never would have thought of doing that."

Do you have a favorite fashion designer or style icon who has influenced you?

My favourite designers include Lanvin, Prada, Versace, Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang & Alexander McQueen. They all make beautiful clothing that I sometimes wish I could pluck right off the runway and wear on the street! I take my fashion inspiration from women like Rihanna and Halle Berry. Both exhibit various degrees of my style, Rihanna being the extreme side of my fashion sense.

What online stores do you like to clip from?

I like to clip from Net-A-Porter, Style.com, Topshop and Intermix. They are all fresh and current with all the latest fashion trends and popular items. It's easy for me to find a lot of items the celebrities wear from these sites.

What are your 3 favorite sets of the ones you've made?

It was really hard to pick but I narrowed it down to High on Cloud Nine, Chocolate Cherry Blossom and Style Star: Rihanna. The first two I love because they look like a fantasy world, and Rihanna I just love her style and I think this is my best representation of that.

What's your favorite set created by another Polyvore member?

I think CaribQ's very talented and I love the fantasy style sets she makes. I like Tim Burton movies and this has that sort of gothic dark beauty.

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

One request I have of the Polyvore team is to create a way for each user to design their profiles to more accurately reflect our own individuality, like changing the background color or adding a background image might be cool, so you get a feeling of the user just by opening their profile.


Alexandra said...

I love her sets!
Great choice on interviewing her.

I would love to be interviewed! (:
How do you get chosen to?

Caitlin @ Get Backlinks said...

Fabulous outfits! I'm loving the first one. Just gorgeous!