Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nike Zoom Fly Quick Sister Contest Winners

Girl, you're workin' so hard! Pushing yourself with no regard. Crazy lifting! Crazy running! Crazy stairstep-steppin' with the sunglasses-sunnin'! You're Vancouver gunnin'! Keeping cool in the Nike Pro. Training to meet any foe, make the dough and steal the show. They better beware because you got that gold-medal stare!

Congrats to our 3 lucky winners who captured the spirit of the Nike Zoom Fly Quick Sister contest beautifully!




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Vickie said...

I am curious how contests are judged. Is it based on the items used, and does composition play a role at all? From the winners that I've seen it seems as though they all follow the same formula compositionally. Is it important to stick to that popular template, or do you encourage originality?

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