Monday, January 11, 2010

Vera Wang: Make Me a Glam Princess Contest Winners

Everyone's got an inner glam princess. And the team over at Vera Wang was thrilled to see all 3490 interpretations of it. Congratulations to the 5 lucky winners of the Vera Wang: Make Me a Glam Princess contest!

♥єmίℓყLίz♥ will be dazzling in her Vera Wang necklace and Glam Princess fragrance as our Grand Prize winner:

2nd place goes to love2shop, who has won her very own iPhone and the Glam Princess fragrance collection:

TheStrawberryFields will be lookin' pretty with her pink iPod Nano, Princess and Glam Princess fragrances. Congrats on winning 3rd place:

4th place winner, tuchi(: will also be pretty in pink with her iPod shuffle, Princess and Glam Princess fragrances:

zsuu can look forward to the Glam Princess collection as 5th place winner:

Congrats again, ladies!

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Anonymous said...

WTF they told us we had to use all the pictures given in it! I'm done with these polyvore contests.

TheStrawberryFields said...

I'll be sure to enjoy my lovely new PINK ipod,how annoying am i going to be?....."ohhh look its pink....have you seen my new ipod?....its pink"
Thank you to Polyvore and to everyone at Vera Wang
All the best for 2010

Birte said...

Very pink - matches my new funky pink guitar

Thanks for the funky blog


Anonymous said...

I think i will be done with Polyvore contests too! It's so not fair! I really dont like the winners, there where sets so much better! I'm gonna start to doubt the fashion sence of people who pick winners, cuz there are rare winners that i actualy like!
This is my biggest dissapointement. You have like few people who win so often, sometimes i can even guess who is going to win-and i am usualy right!
It's so NOT fair that mostly people from States can win.
If other people dont have a chance that please WRITE IT SOMEWHERE!
Cuz this way you hurt alot of members!

Robin said...

Polyvore you pick the same people to win everytime!!!

Online Strategic Marketing Consultants said...

2nd place is my choice! It's stunning