Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beauty 911 Contest Winners

We asked you to share your skincare secrets with us for our Beauty 911 contest. Our 3 lucky winners created fabulous looks to compliment their favorite skincare products and regimen. Congratulations to Andreea7, remanika and .Jay. ♥!


"I exfoliate my face once every 2 or 3 days. Sometimes I also moisturize, but when do, I only use a very light cream, as my skin is naturally oily. I don't use any kind of make up, thus it's easy to take care of my face without spending much time in front of the mirror."


"My beauty regime aims at glowing flawless skin and minimal make-up. A face wash for squeaky clean skin, a cream for freshness and softness and while going out, just a lip gloss for the perfect smile, because you're beautiful when you're happy. The outfit is soft, feminine, fuss-free and beautiful, going perfectly with the look I aim to achieve."


"This Juice Beauty Blemish Be Gone roller is ahh-mazing! I always have to carry it in my purse. Every morning before I do my makeup & all that jazz, I treat any blemishes that I have and then apply my moisturizer and make-up. Great product :D"

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