Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dress-A-Friend Fridays: Week 5 Winner

ɑhdorɑbℓe created this Dress-A-Friend Fridays outfit for her friend who refuses to wear anything that isn't jeans and a t-shirt. She would love nothing more than to see her in a nice cream colored dress with matching ruffle heels. So she put this outfit together full of class and style, which she says her friend's current wardrobe of jeans and tees are lacking! So what did her friend have to say about it? She absolutely adored it.

If you've got a friend you'd love to dress up, make sure you enter the Dress-A-Friend Fridays contest tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I miss the old category/drop down menu in the clipper...please change it back?

Finding things is difficult for me, and every so often I get no pages on things that I know exist, or I turn one - two pages and the "no items found" pops up.