Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Group Spotlight: Paper Dolls

Remember when you used to play paper dolls when you were a kid? Cutting out images from magazines with scissors and attaching the pieces together with tape and glue...well lucky for you, Polyvore lets you do it without the mess. It's so nostalgic to see that paper doll-style collages still exist, so we were pretty excited to come across the Paper Dolls group! Moderated by kikihiller, the group showcases these really unique stick-figuresque sets:

If you love creating paper doll-style sets, this is the group to join! And it looks like they'll be launching some cool contests soon, too.


Barbie said...

Thank you. Your blog is a gift of creativity. Hope it gives a lasting happiness to parents and kids.

Susan said...

When I was a child (quite a long time ago) my favourite pastime was dressing up my paper dolls. Whenever I describe Polyvore to someone who hasn't visited the site, I say, "do you remember playing paper dolls? It's just like that - but a sort of digital version that's even more fun and curiously addictive..." Will check out this group - thanks.

kenzo children said...

Very pretty, but very Tim Burton horror, too!

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