Monday, February 8, 2010

Kim Kardashian Debuts Her New Fragrance Contest Winners

What paparazzi-ready look do you think compliments Kim Kardashian's new soft and sultry fragrance? The team over at Sephora chose their favorites! Congratulations to the winners of the Kim Kardashian Debuts Her New Fragrance contest who will be receiving Kim Kardashian fragrance assortments:





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Anonymous said...

first place deserves it seriously after that it goes down hill...I saw so many more better entries, were you drunk or something? lol

Just a Fragrance Fan said...

Kim Kardashian's new fragrance looks good!

Bethany said...

Kim K looks so gorgeous. I'm sooo dying to get this perfume or Taylor Swift's.


Juan Fernando said...

I haven't tried that! I hope Kim will include that for the designer perfume wholesale collection that Walmart will come up with. I bet that might be a bit expensive.