Monday, February 22, 2010

So Happy to be Here! (from Polyvore's New CEO :)

Hey everyone – just wanted to give you a quick hello as I officially join the Polyvore team as CEO, and thank you all for your amazing creations and contributions to the site. I fall in love with it a little more each day, as I find the looks to inspire me, make me drool, and make me want to shop.

I discovered Polyvore a little over 2 years ago – first over coffee with the founders who impressed me with their drive and passion, and then again as an obsessed consumer when I started shopping for my new home and saving things to the site. What started as a tool then became a wishlist, then became a fashion fix (thanks bona dea, wasting love and RluvsG among many many others!), and today it’s all these things and more to me.

I love that for each of us, Polyvore represents a place that can help both express our individual passions while discovering and sharing new ones together. At the meeting place of style, community and commerce we have an extraordinary opportunity to bring inspiration, aspiration and fun back into shopping online. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on the site, what you’d love to see more of, and most of all sharing this amazing journey with you!

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy


Daniel Raffel said...

Wow, that's great news! Congrats to Pasha and the PV team on such a wonderful addition to the project. Sukhinder, best wishes, working with Pasha was one of my own personal career highlights.

sally said...

GOSH i love this site..thank you SOOO MUCH pumpkin for doing this SITE..i love you to're AWESOME..=]

Kalyana. said...

congrats !
you know, polyvore has been my favourite style's website .
i used to made sets every day . i miss to make a set again . i jus getting busy lately :)


jasmine.nicole.ortiz said...

welcome to pv new ceo its great to have you :)

Sukhinder said...

thanks everyone! I look forward to hearing even more from you... best ss

bodhi said...

Dear Sukhinder,

You sound amazing, and I'm so happy you are on the J.Crew Board of Directors I made you an outfit for your first day:

Good Luck!

TheStrawberryFields said...

Nice to see a little message for us all, i hope your time here is as great for you as what its been for me Sukhinder.

Sukhinder said...

btw - love the set you created for me! its just my style and i've been eyeing that blouse for a while as I already own it in pink but think this color is stunning too...

what a warm welcome:)

Empress said...

Congratulations on joining an amazing team!

Polyvore continues to grow at a rapid rate and amaze me everyday. Glad to see the love of Polyvore truly extends from the users right up to the top!