Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Juicy Loves Spring

Life is Juicy!
Show us your style by exploring the Juicy Couture Spring collection. Use at least two Juicy Couture products to create your favorite Juicy world!

The winners will receive giftcards to spend at a Juicy Couture store:

Grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 giftcard
Second place winner will receive a $500 giftcard
Third place winner will receive a $250 giftcard

Top-10 voted entries will be featured on the Juicy Couture Facebook Fanpage on March 24nd and winners will be announced on March 26th! So, make sure your set gets votes and check back on Juicy's Facebook. Enter the contest now!


Emily said...

Whaaaat. How exciting!


...Am I allowed to do this?

Lisa said...

i would love to win this for my best friend. Her b-day is coming up and she has been wanting this juicy purse for the longest, but she can't afford it. So if i win this i can get one for her..and me haha!


miijose said...

With these high prizes I'm afraid that people will be creating multiple accounts to get votes.

susan ♥ said...

Hey Polyvore,

I have a question: I've seen people who post links that lead directly to voting for their set in the contest. How do you make a link like that? when I click "ask your friends to vote for you", the link goes to the polyvore homepage.

thank you!

Larissa said...

I am filled with joy. I am not sleeping tonight. just working on my sets.

Larissa said...

so I posted two to many and now I don't know where any of my entries went. yikes! and the last two I didn't like as the second one I made.
how do I choose which ones to enter.