Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Polyvore on CBS3 Philly!

CBS3 Philly aired a great piece today about Polyvore's community of global fashionistas and how the site is changing the way people create and shop for fashion online. They also caught up with member, Shedgy, to explore her Polyvore style (and even sneaked into her real-life closet!) Check out the CBS Philly video:


Anonymous said...

Congrats Polyvore! we love and appreciate you being here for all of us.

TheStrawberryFields said...

Thats fantastic im surprised really more magazines or shows arent showcasing there is so much potential here and you guys really are changing the fashion world.
Be proud

❤✿PaintHead™ said...

Coolness. Good to see how it turned out, LOVe it, Glad Philly is coming around to POLYVORE! oxoxox They better, tehe!

You guys are changing the fashion internet world as we know it! Next thing you know it will be required to be used in school homework and assignments in fashion schools! oxoxox I'm just waiting for you guys to be in VOGUE or Glamour magazine, BIG HUGS.

♥Maria Medeiros♥ said...


Anonymous said...

Polyvore is the best and so is Shedgy!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the interview and you did an amazing job for polyvore.
Fibers keepers did a set and i saw this link
uptowngirl2010 ~♫~♪