Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Public Voting on Contests

Did you know that for some Polyvore contests, voting is open to you? Community Choice Challenges, Dress-A-Friend Fridays and the recent Swimspot contest are some examples of contests where the winners were determined by your votes. In case you're not sure how to cast your vote, here's a quick tutorial:

If a contest is open for public voting, you'll see a box where you can 'Cast Your Vote.' At any time during the contest, you can drag your favorite sets to this box.

Once the contest is closed, you'll want to rank your votes according the number of winning slots available. To change a vote just drag another entry into the same slot. Your selections will be saved automatically. In this example, there's only 1 contest winner, so you'll want to make sure the set you're voting for has the number 1 on it:

Keep in mind you can't vote for your own contest entry, but you can ask your friends to vote for you! When you submit your set to a contest, you have the option to post a message to your Facebook and Twitter accounts asking friends to vote for you.

Have fun and happy voting!


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