Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Polyvore at Shop Social

Last night, the fashion and tech world collided at the Shop Social event in San Francisco hosted by Chictopia and DNA (Designers + Artists), and we were thrilled to be there! The evening presented an opportunity for us Polyvore gals to mingle with fashion enthusiasts, independent designers, bloggers and also meet local Polyvore fans! It was awesome putting a face to many Polyvore profile names! Here are some shots from the event:

And for all you Project Runway fans, guess who we ran into at Shop Social? Jay Sario from this season's show!

From left to right: Jess (Polyvore), Jay Sario, Helen (Chictopia)

Jess, our VP of Product, was so inspired that she created an outfit on the spot based off of Jay's outfit as he watched! (What do you think? Pretty darn good, 'eh?)

We shared our passion for fashion, gave away fun Polyvore buttons and also raffled off cool gift baskets filled with Polyvore schwag and goodies from Benefit Cosmetics, Moxsie and Sephora. Congrats to all the lucky winners!


Engreida said...

Aloha, Jay! I'm crazy about your work :)

mhm1339 said...

Loved meeting Polyvore at the event, and agree it was great to meet some very cool independent designers.

❤✿PaintHead™ said...

OMG..looks so awesome, how many poly members showed up?? Did any? Jess your hair is so lovely, my hair is curly so i have to iron flat it, but aww you look like a fashionable doll.
You guys should come to Philly sometime!

--- said...

Awww yay!! So good to see you there Jess =)


Kristi7 said...

Such a fab event! Thanks for introducing me to Martha Davis shoes! *swoon*