Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rugby Prep Shop Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 5 lucky winners who brought out their preppy charm in our Rugby Prep Shop contest! Winners will be receiving Visa gift cards to spend on a shopping spree!






Check out more contest entries here:

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♥ Vanessa said...

I love rugby~ Awesome collages!

gwm said...

nice to see some of the same members snagging even more wins. yawn. I honestly wonder why anyone enters these contests when its fairly obvious that the same six or eight people will inevitably win.

TheStrawberryFields said...

@Gwm maybe its because they make amazing sets,use their imagination and are just damn good at what they do?
Yes or no?

And really people if you have something to say then be big enough to put down either your blog profile name or Polyvore profile name.

Its so easy to hide behind a screen.

Debra said...

Love the second one and the third! It's really amazing!!

Jack Ribbon said...


Jack Ribbon said...

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