Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello Summer Chic with Ann Taylor Contest Winners

Ann Taylor's Style Director, Kristin Dawson, had the pleasure of handpicking 5 lucky winners to recieve $200 gift cards. With 2008 contest entries in the Hello Summer Chic with Ann Taylor contest, Kristin was definitely in awe of all your amazing mixed and matched outfits! Here she is checking out all of the entries:

And without further ado, here are the winning sets!


Kristin: Black and tan is perfect here, a smart and well put together look for work!


Kristin: How gorgeous! I’d take all of these pieces on an African Safari. Love the gold with neutrals and tan leather.


Kristin: A playful tank and sandal, topped off with some jewels...what a perfect way to spend a summer day.


Kristin: Cool casual outfit, a touch of glam with the necklace... The perfect jeweled shoe and a woven clutch.. I love the combination!


Kristin: Love the European destination outfit . . . feminine lace with a boyish short yet girly accessories.

Check out more contest entries here:

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TheStrawberryFields said...

Congrats ladies and thanks to Kristin for saying why she liked them so much :)

Lisa said...

Thank-You so much for choosing me as a winner. I am honestly very honored and glad that you liked it!


muhammad yousaf said...

Now make a contest for man dressing for summer.
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