Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interview with a Fashion Blogger: Sandra's Closet

Today we're interviewing Sandra, the mastermind behind Sandra's Closet. Through her blog, Sandra shares her passion for fashion, offering her own insights that she honed through her fashion design studies, years working as a fashion editor for Marie Claire and experience as a stylist.

Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging.

Hi, my name is Sandra and I am the publisher of Sandra's Closet. Fashion has always been my absolute passion. Therefore I studied fashion design. After an internship at Sonia Rykiel in Paris, my absolute dream came true: I became a fashion editor for German Marie Claire magazine. My freelance work started when I moved to the US. I have worked for fashion magazines, done catalogs for department stores and advertising. For over 5 years now, I've been based in Zurich, Switzerland. As people have always been asking me for styling advice and about the newest trends, the idea of my own fashion blog grew steadily. Discovering Polyvore initiated the launch.

Tell us more about Sandra's Closet.

Sandra's Closet gives an insight into the world of fashion. You can find the newest trends and must-haves before they appear in the fashion magazines plus interesting stories, art and interior design. Moreover, I show photos of me, my personal style and interesting people that I meet. Due to my long experience and contacts in the world of fashion, I often get the news early.
Sandra's Closet is very high end fashion but also shows looks and items for all kind of budgets. My subscribers have often told me that they like my 5 minutes of fashion insight each day as that is much easier to digest than a bundle of fashion magazines once a month.

How did you discover Polyvore? And what do you like most about it?

I discovered Polyvore by coincidence when I was browsing the internet looking for a special pair of shoes. I cannot even remember what I was exactly searching for as the minute I came to the Polyvore website I was addicted to it. It is such a wonderful way to be creative and receive feedback on your work. When I won a Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag in the eponymous contest with Chairlift, Polyvore had definitely cast a spell on me.

How do you use Polyvore sets on your blog?

Polyvore is like my graphic tool to make sets especially for my website. I clip the items that I need and create the layout around my blog's post. Polyvore gives me the opportunity to make my website visually more attractive. If you look at Sandra's Closet, you will also realize that it doesn't look like a typical blog. It is more like a fashion magazine on the internet.

Tell us about your favorite post on Sandra's Closet that featured Polyvore sets.

Actually I love them all. But one of my favourites is, for example, the post about the my top twenty runway collections that came out in the beginning of May. It is a runway review for F/W 2010.

Regarding posts that feature Polyvore sets and my style or me with interesting people, my beloved ones are Kiss Me, Tom! and Feeling Great in Stella McCartney.

Has Polyvore made it easier for you to blog about fashion?

Like I said before, Polyvore gives me the opportunity to make my website more attractive. It is much easier to create a beautiful layout with it than any other graphic tool.

What are your favorite brands/designers?

This is depending on the season and can change. For F/W 2010, Chanel, Prada, Balmain, Lanvin, Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang would be among my personal favourites.

What's your trend forecast for the coming season?

The designers seemed to have traveled through time and took their inspirations from lots of previous decades.

Here is my trend forecast for F/W 2010:

The return of womanhood meaning curves, updos, kitten heels, cat-eye sunglasses, all inspired by the 50s/60s and the Mad Men series. Leather in all variations, shearling and feathers. Also spotted a lot of fur, very modern like the fake one at Chanel. Velvet and brocade -- a sort of opulence reminding of Versailles with a glamrock attitude. Luxe hippies that we know from the 70s and capes. Plaid and animal prints will also be big along with a sort of minimalism similar to the one in the 90s.

Colourwise: camel and grey, all berry tones and red, dark green.
Must-have accessory: knee-high or thigh-high socks.
Remaining trends from last season: military and cut-outs.

How would you like to impact the fashion world and can Polyvore help you?

I would like to inspire my readers to try out new things and make dressing fun. Style is personal and it is all about that little twist. Most people take it too seriously. If I was able to change that attitude, I would be very happy.

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

First I am very thankful to the Polyvore team. You guys are doing a great job! If I named one thing, I would love to be able to search my own items by colours, brands or sites.


Elle said...

awesome site

Engreida said...

I love her blog!

Justyna said...

Her blog is amazing and she is a very talented lady! She has a great eye for clothes and I check her blog every day :-) Thanks Sandra - keep the good work coming!- Justyna xx

Marion Kropp said...

What would you expect inside the closet of a fashion blogger? Of course, more bags, more fabulous outfits and more accessories. I bet Sandra have everything she want to dolly up herself and make the runway adore her. It would be my genuine pleasure to go check and admire it myself.

Evie Miller said...

Oh how I wish I have a closet like Sandra! I like how her clothes and shoes were arranged and put in her cabinet; this gave me an idea on how to fix my closet!

Archie Carpenter said...

If my closet is just as neat as the one above, I think, that's the only time I can appreciate all the clothes I've got. I always want to have nicely-designed bedroom and room just so I could appreciate everything.

Katrina V said...

Oh I wish I could be like her someday :)

Katrina V said...

Oh I wish I could be like her someday :)