Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rep Your Polyvore Group Winners

The Rep Your Polyvore Group contest idea was submitted by •Victoria• for the Community Choice Challenge and was a fun way to help all you group moderators and members get the word out about your groups.

Looking for some cool groups to join? We selected 4 groups from the contest to spotlight here:

1st: Scavenger Hunt Contests

Who doesn't love a good hunt? This group will feature fun contests (as soon as they have enough members!) where you'll be asked to create a set using a specific themed item, much like an item off of a scavenger hunt list.

2nd: Romantic Gypsy

Do you have a love for vintage and antique clothing and accessories? Join this group of romantic gypsies who share the same love for all things...romantic.

3rd: Going Global

One of the coolest things about Polyvore is how you can explore different countries and learn about various cultures right from your computer screen. Got international flavor? Share it here!

4th: Art Deco

Fashionistas, artists, interior designers...you're all invited! If you've got an eye for art deco and often use deco themes in your sets, why not join?

Check out more cool groups here:

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