Monday, August 16, 2010

Get Published in Snowboarder Magazine! Contest Winners

Three very cool professional snowboarders, Jamie Anderson, Erin Comstock and Gabi Viteri each took time out of their busy summers to pick their favorite snowboarding look from the Get Published in Snowboarder Magazine contest! Each winning set is going to be published in Snowboarder Girl and the winners will also receive a $200 gift card! Congratulations to diaryofaminiaturist, quite.∆írankly and GalloPinto♥!

Here are Jamie, Ein and Gabi's picks:

Jamie Anderson
(who, by the way, won the New Zealand Open Slopestyle contest this weekend!)

This kit is awesome! i love how you put the collage together! Torah Brights jacket is so cute, and I think the orange/red pants really pop with everything. The Billabong gloves you chose are
perfect for the spring-like style. This whole kit just seems to go together so well. Great job, and I hope you enjoy your certificate!

Erin Comstock

Oh yes, I have definitely had my traumatizing moments. I remember when I was about 12 years old I was getting off the lift at my home resort and there was a huge ski race that was about to begin so everyone was at the top of the lift. I got off and my sweatshirt caught on the corner of the chair! I was so embarrassed! I was swinging from the chair around the tower to
come back down. No one stopped the chair to help me and I was just being
laughed at. UGH! I never wore that sweatshirt again! I am really impressed with the colors and photos you used to collaborate thearticles of clothing. Red is one of my favorite colors, it always shows up best in photos. The Roxy Ollie Pop is my favorite boards! Plus, I love the
way the colors stand out on it. Congratulations on your $200 win! I hope you will give the slopes a 2nd chance!

Gabi Viteri

Wow you're from Costa Rica! My stepdad is from there and I hear it is beautiful. The kit you put together really stood out and was done in great taste. The music inspired "bad girl" snowboarder look was a nice touch. The Burton Saffron Pant is a great match with the Player tank, I wore this all year long and it was comfy, stylish and practical. I really enjoyed seeing
your personality come out in this collage. The quote along with the picture of Erin doing a method explains it all. Enjoy your $200.00 Polyvore gift certificate, maybe I will see you snowboarding one day!

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