Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Interview with a Fashion Blogger: Fashion In My Eyes

Today we're interviewing Nookie, the fun and fashion-loving blogger behind Fashion In My Eyes. Her blog has grown from a simple showcase of her Polyvore sets into a delightful personal commentary on everyday life, fashion, style and art. Take a look at the world through her eyes...

Tell us about yourself and how you started blogging.

I'm a 20-year old Finance student from Romania. I initially began fashion blogging over 2 years ago because I had opened a Polyvore account and I wanted to share my sets with some of my friends.

Tell us more about Fashion In My Eyes.

Fashion in my Eyes is my "escape" from the daily college routine. Sadly, many of my friends aren't into fashion and so my blog is a way for me to communicate with other fashion lovers around the world. It's a mix of myself, fashion, interior design and more.

How did you discover Polyvore? And what do you like most about it?

I actually discovered Polyvore through a blog. The blogger would post Polyvore outfits instead of pictures of herself wearing the clothing and accessories. So I checked Polyvore out and I was instantly hooked! What do I like most? The incredible database and all the lovely users :)

How do you use Polyvore sets on your blog?

I usually use Polyvore sets for my 'Get the Look' and 'How To Wear' posts. But I also post random themed ones, too. It just depends on my mood.

Tell us about your favorite post on Fashion In My Eyes that featured Polyvore sets.

My favorite post is about Spring Wedges. I was experimenting with a new type of layout, and I really like the sets I featured in my post, and so do my readers!

Has Polyvore made it easier for you to blog about fashion?

Yes, I can't imagine blogging without Polyvore. It's a great and easy way of expressing your personal vision. With Polyvore I can transform my ideas into images without having to set up an entire photoshoot.

What are your favorite brands/designers?

I like H&M, Zara and a couple of local Romanian brands. I would love to own Celine, Chloe, Proenza Schouler, Mulberry, Marni and Marc Jacobs pieces, plus a couple of Chanel accessories.

What's your trend forecast for the coming season?

The military trend isn't going anywhere. Velvet, cut-outs, leather and pastels.

How would you like to impact the fashion world and can Polyvore help you?

Tricky question, I don't know if I can impact the international fashion world, but I'm definitely hoping to impact the the local scene. I want Fashion In My Eyes to be one of the best Romanian blogs, even though I write in English. Like I said, Polyvore is such a great tool for transforming my vision into reality and it makes it easy for me to showcase my ideas.

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

If you can create label categories for beauty and backgrounds, it would be very helpful.


Elle said...

Hey Nookie!! Great interview!! Congrats!

Alexandra said...

Congratulations, Nookie, for the interview!