Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mini Interview with a Mini Editor: Savile

Meet Savile, another fashionista blogger competing to win in our $1,000 Mini Editor contest for bloggers and readers!  She's picked some amazing items for her Mini Editor so head over to her blog and get styling for your shot at $1,000!

How would you describe your blog in one sentence?
A quirky girl with big city dreams.

What was your inspiration behind the items you picked for your dream wardrobe for fall?
I asked my friends what items they love for fall, but I really thought about what I'd seen around. The cute boots, the plaid, the jackets all that. I feel like fall should be fun & stylish! I tried to skip out on the bland items & put in fun things that really would connect to fall fashionistas all around.

What are your favorite trends for fall?
I'm loving distressed jeans! They're so stylish & fun to wear. There's no limit on how I can style them, & they seem to be a big favorite in the mini editor.

If you win the $1,000 prize, what will you use it for?
Ahhh! That would be a dream come true. Well, my sister's starting college help her get some new boots that she loves, or maybe the jacket she's been staring at. Then, I'd give some money to my parents. I've gotten my love for fashion from them, so I'd take them shopping to thank them for what they've done. After all that I'd just buy a lot of things for school, and I really want to show my style more this year. Also, my birthday's coming up so I'd just run crazy! I'd save at least $200 for emergency shopping, and I can't forget the little gifts for my friends who've always supported me.

What are you looking for in reader-submitted sets? What should your readers keep in mind to win $1,000 if you are the winner?
In the submitted sets, I'm looking for personal style to come through. I'm not looking for someone to show what's been on the runway or what's been hot in New York! I want that one look that shows their style and shows what they'd buy with the $1000. Also, I want them to know that to me it's not about how fancy the set is or how great the layout is! I'm really looking for a fantastic outfit that was made with lots of love and time. But best of all, I want them to have fun with my mini editor :)

Here's one of savile's favorites so far!


Miss DeltaG said...

lovely collage!!!:)

Tariro said...

Thanks SO much for the opportunity! Im so glad to be apart of the contest.

Polyvore Love!♥

Sierra Chenee said...

That is my set! Thank you so much!