Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Style Expert Challenge: Soyon An

Thanks to everyone who asked Soyon An, our Featured Style Expert, questions yesterday! Check out her answers to some of your questions here.

Now it's Soyon's turn... She has a question for all of you:

"As part of my job on So You Think You Can Dance, I have to create a number of different looks based on the choreography and music for each dance. Often times it requires me to think outside of the box and use my imagination to create costumes for the dancers that no one has ever seen.

Let me see your imagination! Use this concept as inspiration to think outside the box: If the mad hatter and the evil queen were lovers obviously they would have a dysfunctional relationship... What would the set look like?"

What a fun challenge! Create your set and we'll announce Soyon's favorites later this week.